Thursday, December 30

Lots of links

First, to put you on notice: I'm thinking of scaling back my weblog reading and writing to take another crack at my autobiography. The fact that Tom's going to be gearing down to write his new book, hence posting less, should be a good coincidence.

The NitPicker's Guide to LotR (this guy's hard core, even moreso than me)

Hack to speed up Firefox for broadband. I've only got DSL lite, but I think I notice a difference. The process was interesting, though. My first experience with configuring Firefox that way.

A new, cool search tool for It tells me only one person has bookmarked me via :-(

I'm not interested in RSS updates on my UPS package, but you might be (Christine would be, if she used RSS).

Interesting post on interacting with the web these days. It's more like Push (in some ways). It's stripped down.
in a subscription age, where publishers don't have to entice you back each day with a flood of new content, quality trumps quantity
(Though this would only apply to subscribers and not actual visitors.)

John Hardy has a good, South Pacific, virtually eyewitness take on the tsunami. I'm glad he and his family are OK.
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