Sunday, December 12

Introducing the twins to Star Wars

(Or, Jaq, you're either going to be so happy, or so disgusted that their education hasn't begun before now ;-)

So many of these things happen by accident. I won't go into anatomy lessons with Wil.

We had a White Elephant gift exchange and Wil ahd a chance to pick AT-AT Legos, which he thought were pretty cool. So I said 'Would you like to watch the movie your vehicle is in?'. He said yes. So we started with 'Empire...' and watched through it in about two sittings. Then 'A New Hope' in about three. Now we're two into 'Return...' with one more sitting to go.

He loves it, though he really hurt his had playing 'life savers' with Corbin today (before that he called them 'laser swords').

They can't resist saying 'Dark Vader', either. (Elizabeth watches some, but isn't as into it).

A couple of my impressions on rewatching 'Star Wars':

1. ANH and ESB aren't bad. There's almost nothing I would change in them (you know, apart from bad acting and bad dialogue ;-)
2. Princess Leia was the first great love of my life. Three of the subsequent great loves have been brunettes as well. Two had brown eyes. Coincidence? I think not...
3. I REALLY object to the resurrection of the Death Star in RotJ. The Tatooine/Jabba stuff is very serviceable. Dagobah: fine. Infiltration of the forest moon and Luke and Vader's connection: no problem. The Emperor's presence and the big gamble on both sides (way bigger on the Rebellion's): I like it. But not another Death Star!
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