Monday, December 6

Fitter, happier, more productive...

Actually just the latter ;-)

Worked hard today. Now I'm crushing through some web-stuff pretty good. A few notes:

Erik Benson has an interesting morale sparkline (graphing caffeine, alcohol, sleep, and morale). If any of us were open enough, it'd be interesting to at least also see 'sex' on that list. Exercise and diet would be good as well. Productivity... Lots of things you could graph. Anyway, it's interesting...

Here's exactly what I want: tags for my weblog...except this plugin's for WordPress. Drat.

Tom Today:

I supported energy independence in my presidential platform, but maybe I was wrong.
Thomas Friedman is now pushing almost non-stop for America to "go to the moon" on some new energy form that will allow us to disengage politically and militarily from the Middle East, so convinced is he that this will foster positive economic change. You might ask if this is not basically bin Laden's desire set in motion, but no bother, if Bush does this, according to Friedman, he can "be both Nixon to China and J.F.K. to the moon—in one move."

same idea, different post:
That's why everyone says the best thing that could happen right now is for the dollar to slide slowly, while the U.S. reins in its spending ways.

Is this likely if the U.S. has no friends or serious allies in a Global War on Terrorism that's costing billions upon billions?

(BTW, if you don't understand how the US and SinoJapanese economies are linked, you might want to check out the groovy graphic in the last-mentioned post.

Tom's com. on Hillary: I'd rate him in a range between open and supportive...
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