Friday, October 15

Stewart on Crossfire

OK, I'm a total geek. It started in the MeFi thread. I actually downloaded the bittorrent, and I'd already read the transcript. I thought it was really great that he held their feet to the fire for awhile. I agree with him. Partisan rheotoric is not honest. And people who engage in it must believe the ends justify the means because they're willing to lie to get their guy elected (Well, I guess it could just be for power, or they could be stupid, or...). I thought it got tedious when he was trying to shout down Carlson (who came off as a total jerk). Ultimately, we are getting the politicians we deserve. We let these things happen. We're so shallow that sound bites work on us.

Isn't it possible that Stewart could do comedy AND do politics better?

I object to all 'news as theater': Rush, Moore, and Crossfire. Because some people are thick enough to take their stuff seriously.

Stewart to Carlson: 'I'm not going to be your monkey.'

There's also the Salon article (you have to click through a short ad to get the free day pass. It's pretty painless.).

And Matt's take.
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