Tuesday, October 5


Here are the links I've been saving for the past two days:

Lots of new Gmail features including expanded Contact options (much needed), drafts (much needed), and an Atom feed (though i don't see it right now. But if I did, why would I use it?)

Which Palm should go on my wishlist? The one with 256 MB of flash memory (ca. 50 mp3s) and the cool display or the Smartphone, with integrated everything (but not much in the way of mp3 player and with that dumb keyboard and a camera i don't want or need)? I guess you can tell by my tone, though I'd still have to lug a cell phone around...

SpaceShipOne wins! This is Very Exciting. Sure tourism isn't that great, but the begining of commercial spaceflight is.

Have you seen Band of Sisters, wives of servicemen who oppose the war in Iraq?

Baby Quinn is home and Jaq says our health care system is inefficient.

I missed Jaq's post on Rachmaninoff and his huge hands when I was gone this summer.
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