Thursday, October 21

My presidential platform

I started with this thread in MetaFilter. I took this survey and drifted between 45 and 67% Kerry. Then I took this survey and got 63% Kerry (and only 25% Bush).

Part of the vibe of the first test, I think, is that personality (and character) don't matter as much as the issues. I disagree. They matter. But I'm not sure how that affects my decision. That is to say, I'm not sure what I think of these guy's personalities and character. I sure don't like their campaigns.

I started my own presidential platform a while ago from the candidates' platforms (I looked at Nader's, too). Now I've rounded it out with some grist from these two surveys, so here it is, in all it's glory:

My presidential platform:

1.Responsible dealing with Iraq. Cultivate international cooperation, though the UN is very broken. Engage the UN, but expand NATO's role.
2.Fund independence of oil, especially Hydrogen Economy. Move toward paying the real price of gas at the pump. Consider Bio-diesel and ethanol. Phase out gasoline subsidies, leading to a greater market for fuel-efficiency.
3.Improve civil liberties – evaluate Patriot Act.
4.Fair Trade: Promote free trade. Factor-in environmental and human rights/labor. Help transition workers from dwindling industries (instead of propping up). This includes cutting farm subsidies to corporations and transitioning American farming toward market soundness.
5.Repeal the tax-cut for those who make >100,000$/yr
6.Balance the budget; cut government spending; reduce the deficit with repealed tax-cuts.
7.Reform taxes. Simplify radically.
8.Fund world AIDS relief
9.Universal health care: Medical savings for those who can afford it. Coverage for those who can't. Limit malpractice suits.
10.Fight terrorism by cultivating foreign good will. Not door mat, but fair.
11.Education: raise teachers' pay, create better teaching environments, more local decisions. Focus on traditional school time rather than HeadStart or after-school.
12.Environment: conserve public lands and National Parks, stop pollution and improve water quality. Mandatory Clean Air Emissions Standards
13.Gun control: background checks, required training and licensing, ban on assault weapons
14.Immigration is good for America. Encourage at reasonable levels.
15.Social Security: Work at SS solvency. Cap payments to wealthy.

Obviously, this could be shot apart. Please be a little courteous and constructive in your comments. But feel free to disagree amiably.
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