Saturday, October 16


Bloglines, Flickr, and make RSS delectable. I'm using most of these techniques already (except for Flickr, since I'm not that into digital photography yet).

But I don't think the title's focus on RSS is most pertinent. RSS is a tool. It can do a lot of things. But the common power here is open, $free networks and tags (metadata).

Tags still need work. I'm told Flickr has support for multi-word tags. would be better with a standard (i use hyphenation for multi-word tags. underscoring would work, too.)

I'm excited about the possibilites of pasta: posting my text to

A great tool would be an additional field in Blogger to tag every link i put in there with auto-posting to my Maybe I'll just start manually writing in tags, which could help with simple searching. I don't want to do the redundant work of posting everything in that i post in Blogger.

Can anyone help me sharpen these ideas?

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