Tuesday, October 19

The Lambeth Commission

Brad posts an article that summarizes The Anglican Communion's decisions about the future of their church.

As a conservative, this report is mixed, to me. I line up with the Anglican conservatives who say there should be real repentance and who viewed themselves as justified in taking dissenting Episcopalian congregations under their wing. So, for the report to just ask for an apology AND to say the conservatives were out of line in their oversight, that's not optimal in my view.

Still, the Episcopalian Church USA is not apologizing for thier action, but expressing regret that it made people feel bad. (Sheesh. I'll give them this. They're playing it exactly right and have the whole time: not saying (usually) that conservatives are dead wrong but that they're 'different - not that there's anything wrong with that- and can't we just get along?)

Will the Anglican Communion stand up to them, or let this one go? This first report looks pretty wishy-washy...
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