Thursday, September 23

Old news (you know, from yesterday)

CBS takes it on the chops. Schadenfreude.Lesson to learn: be careful what you say about webloggers.

The Cat Stevens deportation is interesting. Should he be on the watch list?

Boy, the Vikings sure stunk Monday night. After I bragged about their O-line over on Collaboratory the Eagles constant blitzing gave the O-line nervous tics. Lots of penalties, therefore. We couldn't run. And Daunte wasn't as rattled as he used to get, but he was still rattled. Ugh.

I see in my SC news that there's a plan to extend I-73 from Myrtle Beach to Michigan, but I can't find a really good page for it. I'd like one map of the states it will pass through. Maybe they haven't finalized their corridors, yet.
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