Tuesday, September 21

Bush at the UN

The grist

I agree with President Bush that the UN had a responsibility to follow through with their threats against Saddam Hussein (thought that's not how he's pitching it now).

Is Kofi Annan right that our invasion of Iraq was illegal? I don't think so. It's not that simple. Is the UN the arbiter of International Law when the UN is broken? I don't think so. It's somewhat analagous to one of the 'states' rights' issue from the American Civil War.

I still think Bush should have worked harder to form a more multinational coalition, especially with the bigger players (just the realpolitikal reality).

I think we still have a real problem with instituting democracy in Iraq when many of the people want theocracy. Of course, I want democracy. I think it's best for the people. And after the price we've paid (mostly in lives, but also in dollars), I don't think we can let Iraq go Fundamentalist. But it feels like there's some irony there, at least.

I agree with Annan that we need to watch how 'the necessary fight against terrorism itself is allowed to encroach unnecessarily on civil liberties.'

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