Monday, September 20

Football thoughts

Looks like I'm going to win in all 4 of my fantasy leagues this week. That's more like it. Beats that 2 and 4 from last week. So, my thoughts while watching the three network games + highlights:
  • Indianapolis looked bad for six quarters, then caught fire.
  • Dan Dierdorf is often mistaken in his facts. He's right in what he's trying to say...
  • How are the Giants and Bears winning? I'll tell you how: the Redskins and Packers self-destructed. Green Bay looked like world champions Monday night.
  • New Orleans put together a complete game after getting stomped by Seattle last week, but lost Deuce McAllister.
  • St Louis and San Francisco hung on in their games, but still lost.
  • Injuries are (literally) decimating some teams: the Indianapolis defense, Minnesota's and Philly's running back corps, Carolina's offense, etc.
  • Carolina got spanked by Green Bay last Monday night, but looked great in the second half yesterday. Some of their success this week was a function of how bad KC's defense is. Carolina's offensive line is questionable.
  • Baltimore looked more like themselves yesterday, especially Jamal Lewis and the defense. I wonder what happened last week against Cleveland (especially since Cleveland looked so bad yesterday).
  • Atlanta went off yesterday. A lot better than their previous week against SF, when they were bland.
  • Detroit keeps winning. How? Is Mariucci getting things together? Is Harrington getting better?
  • Peter King was right: the Titans defense isn't as good this year.
  • I knew Daniel Graham was going to do well against Arizona.
  • Jim Nantz and Greg Gumble switched places. Does that mean something? Is it a promotion for one of them? I like Greg better across the board.
  • Lip-reading Bill Parcells to Keyshawn Johnson: 'Shut up.'
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