Friday, September 24

Los Angeles secession

How did I miss that Los Angeles voted in 2002 on the secession of the San Fernando valley? This is the kind of thing I'm interested in!

Here's an About Measure F page (pro). My thoughts:
  • If this is right, the Valley was getting shafted in a lot of ways. All of those concerns needed to be addressed.
  • I believe in smaller and more accountable.
  • LA Department Heads (up to 300,ooo$) and City Council Members (133,000$) got paid too much per year.
However, I would be concerned about the tax base issue. Remember our discussion about Pittsburgh? There has to be a better way to balance accountability and fairness with satisfactory revenue for the core city. I continue to ask questions like 'How many people from the suburb/municipality in question work in the core city and benefit therefrom?'
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