Friday, February 13


A bunch of short sports thoughts, without links:

- looks like UMiami has another perpetrator on its hands (that one's especially for you, Macon and Paul :-). You're in 'good' company, since that's the rule in sports anymore.)
- on one hand, it's too bad that ESPN caved to the NFL (including a call from Tagliabue to Eisner) and cancelled 'Playmakers'. It was an entertaining and interesting show. On the other hand, a lot of what made it entertaining and interesting was sex and abuse and drug-use, which don't need any more air time.
- Bob Knight's at it again.
- I can't believe we'll have neither US soccer or baseball teams at the Olympics. I know why, but it seems crazy.
- the way players fly around teams in the NFL is jacked up. They're keeping score with money. If star QB would take a pay cut, he could keep his OL together, which would really help them win.
- Should I watch the NBA All-Star game or not?
- SI has an article this week about the new relationship between Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow. It's impossible for me to be happy for them, knowing that Lance just divorced the mother of his three children under the age of 5. I'm not trying to be judgmental here, but this is not cool. Is is hard for elite athletes to stay married, not to mention be fathers?
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