Friday, February 27

My contribution

(I wrote this post awhile ago, and lost it, and am just now getting back to rewriting it.)

Belated congratulations to Jaq, who finished his second complete year of weblogging. He's got an excellent site that I really enjoy. In fact, as you've probably noticed, I probably read and interact most closely with his site these days. I'm glad that my weblog inspired his in some small way.

I'm proud to have contributed to a number of weblogs that way:

- I'm pretty sure mine was the first weblog Scott read, and he once listed me as his blogfather. Now he's got his own url!
- One of the reasons I suggested starting Collaboratory to some friends was to get their voices heard when they didn't have weblogs. I enjoyed them on MetaFilter or in real life and wanted to encourage them. John and Jason now have their own weblogs. And Kathleen started one, but hasn't gone public yet.
- Steven den Beste is on the record (1 2) saying that I helped to get his weblog noticed by recommending it to Jorn at Robot Wisdom.

So, maybe this is a self-congratulatory post. I don't have any illusions about this being a great weblog. And it's gotten me in trouble more than once. But I am glad to have encouraged others.
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