Monday, December 17

Really good writing over at USS Clueless today. Go read it all.

You especially might want to read his lengthy discussion of the problems of foreign aid to developing countries. Steven makes a good case against much of foreign aid, and for debt relief. Another item on the liberal agenda is probably worth considering too: reform of Western involvement. Our corporations and institutions like the World Bank have some pretty shady involvement in developing countries. I think that would be another critical place to work, instead of just dumping in money that might simply be wasted.

I posted this basic idea to Steven's bulletin board, and others posted comments.

See also, on Steven:

Google, the desktop metaphor, and the future of computer interfaces.

Steven has a point: the Palestinians are badly led, or not led at all. This is a major problem. I still think Israel ought to take that into consideration more, but there's enough guilt to go around.
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