Tuesday, December 18

Okay, now I'm starting to fear that my Secret Santa is going to be a deadbeat. I haven't gotten anything yet. So I had my wife check my wishlist, and there's nothing unaccounted for. Will the real Secret Santa please stand up? Did think Thinkblank have any thoughts about this potential problem? It would be interesting to study the 555 secret Santas to see how things turned out.

Now I know my Santa might have purchased the gift and it just didn't register on Amazon. We'll see.

In some ways, it doesn't matter, because my friend, Joyce, unexpectedly got me Shakespeare's Complete Works off of my wishlist, and that's a lot more that the Secret Santa 15$ limit.

My idea for next year is to do online Secret Santa, but maybe more as a cohort - maybe set up a Yahoo Groups list and then I'd do the assignments or something. I'd run it off of my site. Maybe other could pick it up. It might be fun to have a little more of a known group do it, especially if you figure Thinkblanks site will be even bigger next year. Who knows, maybe I'll do both. It was fun to get to know Erin and to gift her. Maybe Thinkblank could add this kind of functionality - the ability to do Secret Santa subgroups.
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