Tuesday, December 4

Israelis Hit West Bank and Gaza in Sweeping Air Raids
(note: this is my redaction of the article.)

'Israel launched the assault after one of the most deadly waves of Palestinian suicide bombings inside the Jewish state in years.'

'Israel began a second day of air strikes after the government's classification of Arafat's Palestinian Authority as a supporter of terrorism paved the way to harsher retaliation.'

'Making his first public comments since the Israeli offensive began on Monday, Arafat hit back at Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in an interview in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Arafat told CNN television: ``He doesn't want a peace process to start.'''

'The decision at a government meeting to attack, and brand the Palestinian Authority an organization which supports terror, prompted a walkout by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' Labor Party which widened cracks in Sharon's broad coalition.'
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