Tuesday, September 1

My September Live Healthy contract

starting weight: 206.5
ultimate goal: 180
goal for this month: 200

I owe myself some kind of healthy reward for doing so well with exercise in August and doing ok with my other goals. but what do i want?

  1. mindset, motivation and method
    1. I am living healthy now!
    2. more visualization
      1. project w/C
    3. post to weblog and Facebook
    4. sign a contract with my family
    5. invest time, including reading and note-taking
      1. how do other people do it? what helps them succeed?
      2. read over Evernotes
      3. read in SP
    6. record the psychology of failure. what makes me want to quit?
    7. slow down. taste your food!
    8. never eat to 'full', only to 'not hungry'
    9. don't be afraid of hunger. a little hunger in the right context is the feeling that accompanies weight loss.
    10. when i fall off the wagon, don't wallow. get right back on!
      1. i used to wait until the next monday to 'start fresh'. maybe...
      2. analyze: why did i fall off? beat it next time!
    11. satisfy cravings, but with one serving, not half a carton
    12. especially savor treats!
    13. 'strictness makes thing easier.' you don't have to decide.
    14. systemic moderation
    15. what are the healthy habits i am cultivating?
    16. 'We are rich in proportion to the number of things we can afford to leave alone.' - (approximately) Thoreau. this includes food!
    17. goal is to make lifestyle changes. when i get to 170, i can add some calories back in, but otherwise, everything should stay the same, right?!
    18. why do i overeat?
      1. when hurt, depressed, sad, bored or angry
        1. what will i do instead?
    19. picture this!
      1. eventual goal: 180 pounds (then re-evaluate)
        1. (top of BMI ideal weight range for 5'11")
      2. nice and fit (with all that exercise)
      3. feeling better about myself
      4. not being ashamed of being overweight
      5. fitting into my clothes better
      6. getting new clothes, or getting out old ones i no longer fit into, including jeans
      7. doing my push ups and pull ups easier
      8. improvement re: snoring, sweating and psoriasis
  2. lose at least 1 pound per week
    1. target 1400-1500 calories/day, recorded on SparkPeople
    2. weigh myself daily 1st thing and chart at The Physics Diet
    3. NO secret eating (eg ice cream from the carton, shakes when out by myself)
      1. repeat 27x :-)
  3. exercise 12 times per week (including mowing)
    1. cardio in the mornings before work
      1. alternate walk/jog, 30 minutes 3x
      2. bike (road or stationary), 30 min.s, 3x
    2. 100 push ups, sit ups and air squats 2x (Tu pm, sat am)
    3. yoga 3x (MWF nights)
    4. mow for an hour 1x ;-)
    5. start working on 10 pull up goal
      1. negative and supine pullups

I will stick to this plan for my good and the good of my family. When I depart from this plan, I will admit it and get back on plan.

'you’ll actually burn more fat if you use any extra time you have to increase your lower intensity activity as much as possible with things like moderate walking, taking the steps when you can, and generally moving around as much as possible. The more time you spend sitting still, the more you turn off your fat burning enzymes and make fat loss harder than it needs to be.'
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