Tuesday, November 22

Ode to my professors

Paul's got a nice post on literary crushes, memorable books from college. I wanted to participate, but realized my professors at Wartburg were even more memorable than the books they had me read.

Dr Greg Scholtz taught Brit Lit and I took almost every class he taught: 3 semesters of survey, one of Shakespeare, and one of Jane Austen. He really challenged us. And he was funny. Lots of good marginalia in those books...

Dr Heimir Geirsson taught Analytic Philosophy. I remember my brain changing in that class, after being broken down. I think we spent the first month on the word 'the'. Also read Saul Kripke's 'Naming and Necessity'. After working on the paper for that class, I could process in a new way.

Pastor Larry Trachte was, and is, the college chaplain. I never got to take one of his classes, but he was a very good friend to me in my service in the ministry there. We met once a week for a couple years.

Dr Paul Torkelson directed Choir. The Wartburg Choir is the most excellent team I've ever been a part of. We practiced for an hour every school day and toured the country and Europe. Some people have the experience of being part of something like this in athletics or work. I never did. For me, it was choir and I'll always remember it.

And finally, adding one from Seminary, Dr Rollin Grams, a student of Dr Gordon Fee, taught me to look at Scripture is a qualitiatively more rigorous way.
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