Wednesday, November 9


+ Underworld: Evolution. There's a sequel? Saw the first one at Macon's. It was entertaining, but...

+ Just a reminder: Terrell Owens is a punk. The Eagles did the right thing. The sad thing is, someone will sign him.

+ I can sure appreciate Matthew's proudest moment:

I brought The Squirrelly to a Halloween party. He saw a child dressed as a pirate and, unpromped, said "Arrrr!"

+ Tom today:

The key reason why we lost Vietnam was because the other side had some very serious backing from the Sovs and Chinese, plus a regional environment that was conducive to the dual strategy of civil war and insurgency from within. The analogies to Vietnam now being employed work only to the extent that the regional environment is permissive, with some states obviously lending some support (Syria, Iran).

+ NPR had a piece on this morning about a Dr Robert Young, a professor at Western Carolina University who says we should pull back some of our subsidization of coastal communities. Can't find anything else on the web except the actual sound file. Sounds about right to me. What do you think?
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