Thursday, November 10

Elections, big oil (and more)

+ What to make of the Democratic victories tuesday? Is this a reflection on the President's low approval rating and Republican scandals or just Democratic wins where Democrats were already governors? Did the president's campaigning for the Republican candidate in VA hurt that candidate? And let's not forget Schwarzenegger's losses, either.

+ Big oil execs testified yesterday about their huge profits. They argue that those profits are in line given revenues. Since I'm leaning free market these days, I would say that Congressional action is probably not the way to go. Consumers should act beyond just complaining.

Of course, I reiterate my opinion that we shouldn't use tax dollars to subsidize gasoline (and, to some extent, roads).

It'd be nice to wean ourselves off of subsidies for gas, roads, agriculture, coastal insurance... What else can we add to the list?

+ Just when you thought the TO show was totally crazy, you get the apology (yeah, right) and the antics of his agent (who's behind him, you guessed it, 110%).

+ Thing that makes me go hmmm: When will Gmail emerge from beta? What's the hold up?

+ Get a load of this: someone thinks Iowa City needs another hospital.

+ Hello Trooper. Hello Kitty and Imperial Stormtrooper mashup.
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