Wednesday, November 23

(Bolded) Google Menu

Ooh! Did you see that (working on being) complete list of Google services? I like. And as I read the comments I saw some German-speaking herr made himself a condensed list. I liked that, too. But when I tried to crib his, I couldn't get his bolds off. Had to make my own. Decided to add a separate menu for the Features page. I was just going to keep it in my own Gmail, but thought 'Why not send it out into the world?' And when I looked back at the original site this morning, I saw in Update 5 that he'd taken my humble suggestions to heart.

So, anyway, without further ado, my (bolded) Google Menu - the services I like and use the most. Want to do one of your own?

Add to Google Blogger Froogle GMail AdSense AdWords Alerts Analytics Answers Base Blog Search Book Search Catalogs Code Deskbar Desktop Directory Earth Groups Homepage Image Search Labs Local Maps Mobile Movie Showtimes News Reader Ridefinder Scholar Send to Phone Sitemap SMS Store Suggest Talk Toolbar Video Video Upload Web Accelerator Web Search Hello Orkut Picasa Search History Advanced Search Language Tools

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