Sunday, January 16

Paean to the Patriots

Wow, that was impressive!

Here's an interesting stat I heard on the radio today, before the game: The Patriots have the most college graduates of any team in the NFL. They play smart football. You have to be smart to play on their team. They take middle round guys and turn them into star contributors to a team. It really is like Moneyball for the NFL.

Think of all of the 'mute and glorious' Bradys whose potential has gone untapped all these years...

The Patriots beat the Colts this year the same way they beat the Colts last year: they punched them in the mouth. But this year it was bigger. The Colts came in this year as a better offense, one of the best in the history of the league. But it wasn't even as close this year as it was last year. The regaled Colts offense scored one field goal. And this year's defeat was an even bigger accomplishment by the Patriots defense.

Plus, the Patriots offense controlled the ball for three quarters. The Colts have an ok defense, but that didn't cut it.

It was the Pats good offense against the Colts ok defense and the Patriots lights-out defense against the Colts great offense. And the Patriots blew them out.

Next week will be a more balanced match-up: the two best scoring defenses in the NFL v. two good offenses.

The Patriots looked much better this weekend than the Steelers. As Phil Simms said, they imposed their will on them. And the Pats have the experience. They're the champs. I like the Steelers. They're a sentimental favorite for me. But I have to give the advantage to the Patriots (sorry Eric and Jaq). And, doing so, I declare them the favorites to win another Super Bowl.
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