Tuesday, January 11

A few links

via kottke, a report on prediction markets, which I'm keeping my eye on.

Matt's finally had it with Bill.

Aaron's trying to get one of those free iPods. If it works for him, I'll try it, too.

Speaking of iPods, ay, yi, yi, that new Shuffle looks pretty sweet. It's the frontrunner for next year's Christmas present. (The Mac mini looks pretty good, too, from a marketing and product niche standpoint. Not that I'm interested in buying one, because I'm not. Don't need one. And, as much as I dislike Micro$oft, I don't drink the Kool-Aid for the Cult of Mac, either. So there!)

Happy third anniversary to Matthew Baldwin. It's obvious that he hasn't been at this as long as me. *end sarcasm*
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