Friday, January 14

Addicted to mashups

Or, alternatively, Obsessive downloading.

I love this kind of thing. I can't resist it. Like Pop-up videos. Are you already into it? Are you interested? If so, how should I point to all of the stuff I've looked at?

I've subscribed to the feed.

(By the way, if you're thinking of downloading this stuff or ANYTHING, do yourself a favor and use Star Downloader. It's free and can pull up to four downloads off of one site.)

There's a lot of stuff at Get Your Bootleg On, but you have to dig.

Don't miss My Britney (Toxic Sharona).

Pop Razors - The Power to Break Free (6MB 4:17 192kbps): Queen - I Want to Break Free and Snap - The Power.

The Beatles 'Taxman' vs the Cure 'Lovesong' = Lovetax. (Sounds like it should be a mashup of 'Lovecats', but isn't.)

DJ Prince - Hey We Will Rock Ya (DeNeo Edit): Outkast - Hey Ya (Instrumental) vs Queen - We Will Rock You (Acapella).

Body MMMBoppin': Hanson vs the Beastie Boys.

Push this party started.

There's Jay-Zeezer, if you're into either of those artists (which I'm not). I did like the Yeah in the Sun track. Also fitting squarely into the 'not into Jay-Z' category is The [Notorious] Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse (scroll down a little).

There's the whole Beastles album. djbc also has Intergalactic Robots- The Beasties vs Kraftwerk.

ccc has Revolved (Beatles-based) and mashups.

Lots of good stuff on

Here's something you never dreamed: Linkin Park v. Britney.

I'd love to get my hands on Smells Like Teen Spirit v. Bootylicious, but, alas, they took it down (and I'm not wading into kazaa...).

Poj Masta's got mostly remixes.

Mark Vidler was profiled in Wired.

There's the Kleptones, of course.

That should get you started. Let me know if you need more ideas...
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