Monday, January 31

Catching up (a little)

I'm reading 'Guns, Germs, and Steel', finally, and it is so cool. To think the principal (ordinally) factor in development of empire is living along a large east-west latitudinally inhabited axis. (Check out the simplified chart.)I buy it (until I hear different).

Wired continues it's campaign to convince us that outsourcing and free trade are Good Things with the article Revenge of the Right Brain. I happen to think outsourcing is OK, and free trade is good, for some of these kinds of reasons.

OK, and a bunch more Wired. You should be reading it (for less than one thin dollar a month if you subscribe...)

Tom Barnett's first Wired article. He got nominated for a Wired award, too.

Stop the US Mail! The libertarian in me is inclined to agree. What do you think? (If 'you' happen to be John13, I already know what you think, but feel free to shout it out anyway. I love it!)

Lessing: Why Wilco is the future of music. For the ongoing music distribution debate...
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