Sunday, April 25

Worst songs

Thread at MeFi on the worst songs ever. Prompted by a Blender list, but ranging far afield from there. Hilarity ensues. My comments:

- First of all, you don't have to crtique stuff that slipped in before you developed good taste. That's nostalgia. And a lot of the songs on the Blender list fit that bill for me.
- Worst songs on this list: Achy Breaky Heart, From a Distance, I'll Be There for You, Greatest Love of All.
- Songs I like from this list: Everybody Have Fun Tonight, You're The Inspiration (seventh grade dances, what can I say?), Two Princes, Sunglasses at Night, Sunglasses at Night, Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Shiny Happy People, The Sounds of Silence, I'm Too Sexy.
- The MeFi thread had some pretty funny stuff, including vitriol I don't agree with. jonmc's stuff [beginning] is especially funny.
- Yes, almost everything by Don Henley is very bad, especially including End of the Innocence.
- Barry Manilow has transcended nothing. Man, he really stinks.
- 'Music lover' usually also mean 'music snob'. It's ok, but it can get out of hand.
- I don't think it's bad to like songs on the radio, even Top 40, but you (IMO) still need to be critical about them. Eg, I like Linkin Park and Evanescence but not 3 Doors Down or Matchbox 20.
- 'De gustabus non est disputandum.'
- Good quote:
'I actually didn't like country music until I started listening to a cooperative radio station that was willing to dig into the some of the better Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash tracks. This same radio station also got me turned on other genres that I formerly dispised like electronica and hip hop.

What I basically decided was that it wasn't that I hate country, rap, or electronica, but that I hate music that is carefully selected to accompany the most profitable advertising directed to the most people. Listening to music selected by people who love music is great. Listening to music selected by people who want to sell 30 second blurbs for pepsi, laser eye surgery, and injury law practice is an exercise in frustration for me.'

That's enough, don't you think?

Yeah, what do you think?
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