Monday, April 26

Three from USA Today

- An article on Health Savings Accounts (of particular interest to Paul).

- An article on success in Kurdistan. I agree with this quote (penultimate longer-than-a-sentence paragraph):

'The Iraqis are failing themselves.'

However, I also think we're responsible since we're the ones that pre-emptively took their government down.

- Gary Barnett says he's innocent. Maybe, but he's got the totally wrong attitude. He has shown no remorse, admitted no possibilty of bearing some responsibility. He's just defended himself and he's shown himself very insensitive. He's shown no compassion toward these young women who have come forward to ask for justice. That's not to say the women are for-sure being honest. But how much do they really have to gain? They have a lot to lose. Confronting abuse is re-living it. I don't feel sorry for him.
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