Monday, April 26

Last week

(I must say, for having turned titles on, mine are boring.)

I had a good trip to Youngstown, Ohio. Christine graciously loaned me the copy of 'Emma' on tape that she had checked out for herself. I had read it before, but enjoyed listening to it again, and it sure helped the 20+ hours in the Prizm to pass faster.

I got to stay with my friend, Bryan, which was a great reunion. Also caught up with BJ, Sara, Karen, and Saleem. Got to stop by the Project, which is humming.

I learned that the city of Pittsburgh is broke. It's really hard for me to believe. I'm pretty convinced the just need to annex every little town around them that benefits from them until they can build a proper tax base (that's what Charoltte does). There are more than 100 municipalities in Allegheny County. Isn't that madness?

And a fun, unexpected thing: I picked Bryan up from the Project wednesday night. We were driving home and passing PNC Park I saw the Cubs on the scoreboard. We tuned in and found out the Cubs were there, in the middle of an 8 run top of the first. We parked and walked over and I thoroughly enjoyed the 12-1 Cubs rout. I also called Robbi and Kyle and said 'Guess where I am.' Fun stuff.
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