Wednesday, January 28

Two quick thoughts...

on items I want to log in more depth some time.

1. I'm on the record as saying I'm confused about the gay marriage issue. They had a piece about it on Marketplace tonight. It does seem unfair that any heterosexual couple can get hitched in Vegas (including Brittney and friend) and get some significant societal and economic benefits (including stuff like legal rights, benefits, medical directive authority, etc) that committed homosexual partners have to have legal documents to get.

Christopher also wrote about gay marriage today.

This brings up one of my major objections to demonizing homosexuality: there are so many unhealthy (even sinful) heterosexual relationships, in and out of marriage that get a relative pass. We wink at them. At least it's 'normal'. I think God created people for loving marriages between a man and a woman. So much of our emotional and sexual behavior falls outside of those lines, but many Christians and Conservatives demonize only the homosexual part.

2. NAFTA, outsourcing to India, etc.

The latest Wired cover story is about outsourcing to India. Out of the gate (don't shoot), I'm pretty sympathetic to the tenor of the article which argues (gently) that USAmericans should adapt in the job market, even though it's painful, and that, ultimately this will be a good thing. In principle, I want to see free market principles in play. I don't think we should prop up American agriculture and I don't think we should prop up white collar tech jobs.

I could totally be wrong about this. And, of course, I want our policies to include compassion.

Maybe your comments will help me work through this more.
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