Wednesday, January 21

Processing the State of the Union Address

CNN has the transcript.

- He has a point: there have not been any more attacks in the US. However, the world is not a safer place. The UN isn't the way to go, either. We should be strong, but we should also have better foreign policy and better diplomacy. Unilateralism does not make the world safer.
- The tax cut does appear to be working. However, I still think it was too deep. Maybe it works and helps to create wealth when rich people have more money to spend. But my default position is that people who make 100k+$ don't need tax 'relief'.
- We must be careful with the 'Patriot' Act. Erosion of civil liberties would be a bad thing. Indeed, it would signify some success for the terrorists. Read Slate's analysis of the Patriot Act.
- Education: testing is not the only way to evaluate education. And there are many stories of teachers just having to teach to the tests. There are arguably better ways.
- We do need to find a way to limit the costs of health care.
- Professional sports should ban performance enhancing drugs.
- I don't know what to think about the legality of same-sex marriages. Personally, I don't believe such relationships are good for people. I think that's the teaching of Scripture and the way God made the world. But I'm not sure it hurts society for homosexuals to formalize unions.

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