Monday, January 12

Football update

Well, that's all on Jaq and the Patriots, anyway.

Remember when I said, earlier this week, that football was less exciting without fantasy?

I take it all back. What a great weekend for football. I watched most of the games and they were very exciting. They were new-style football - more offense than defense - and it sure is more exciting the Marty Schottenheimer-type teams (when he was in KC, anyway) slamming the ball with the run and playing tough defense.

I would've like to see the Rams win, but I was happy about Carolina, too. I like Delhomme. No one gave him much credit and he's really played well this year. He leads the NFL in 4th quarter/OT comebacks at (if you count saturday) NINE. That's huge. The kid's got heart. Fox seems like a good coach, and I'm glad for him.

Of course, I was pulling for New England all the way. I don't like the Titans anyway, so it was good to see them get beat.

I went into the next game pulling for KC, but Peyton Manning won me over. He was unbelieveable. He never had to do anything flashy because he destroyed KC and didn't break a sweat doing it. The way he calls the plays at the line is amazing.

And, finally, I was definitely pulling for Philly and was glad to see them win. I like Brett Favre but, being a Vikings fan, I cannot pull for the Packers unless it helps the Vikings. I was glad to see them lose. Indeed, McNabb's 4th and 20+ completion to ice the packers was pretty like the play that the Cardinals beat the Vikings on to get the Packers in in the first place.

(Not that I think the Vikings should have been in the playoffs. I said beforehand, if they couldn't beat the Cardinals, they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. I've taught my kids that the Vikings are out favorite team. I've also taught them that the Vikings stinks so bad they don't get to play until the twins go to Kindergarten!)
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