Wednesday, August 28

We're having a discussion on Collaboratory about special emphasis on curbing violence against women. Here's my take:

i want to add on to what John said. it takes nothing away from anti-violence in general to focus on women in specific. there are so many things contributing to violence specifically against women. they are generally physically less strong. they are generally psychologically willing to put up with more (that might keep them in an abusive relationship). there are so many social and cultural factors, some old leftovers - submission type dynamics. these things make it really tough. they make it much more likely that a woman will be abused by a man, especially in an ongoing relationship. what are the stats on rape being by someone you know? how many rapes are male on male? how many are female to male? the preponderance of this horrible kind of violence in male toward female. it deserves our special attention.
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