Monday, August 26

I got pretty fired up commenting on John's post from the Economist on Collaboratory. Here's a taste:

The USA would become the biggest market, bigger than the EU. American business practices would likely become even more dominant than they already are.

most of us here [on Collaboratory], slanting liberal, probably believe immigration is a good thing. that dynamic is a big part of the growth - especially immigrant children that come and then the 1st generation born here. is that a bad thing? without getting all jingoistic, there are good opportunities in the US for immigrants (though they are often take advantage of, and that's a problem. can it be win-win?)

“in the struggle to find workers to support growing economies, nations that are hospitable to immigrants will have an advantage.”

part of the Economist's concern is that America will pay more attention to areas refugees come from - South America and SE Asia - and less attention to Europe. oh no!

here's the end of the article:

The contrast between youthful, exuberant, multi-coloured America and ageing, decrepit, inward-looking Europe goes back almost to the foundation of the United States. But demography is making this picture even more true, with long-term consequences for America's economic and military might and quite possibly for the focus of its foreign policy.

an additional factor is the juggernaut American economy. yes, we've spent a ton on defense, but we have 10 tons more to spend. we haven't spent as much on social programs. most of that money has gone to personal wealth and business reinvestment. more population+more money+more military=the US will call the shots. might makes right. it's a bad deal. i don't agree with it. but there it is.
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