Friday, August 16

I've been thinking about starting an additional weblog. It would be for those of us who run in similar overlapping circles to post and discuss more. It would be like a smaller MetaFilter. In terms of initial membership I'm thinking of Jaquandor, Jason, Scott, and me. Other people would certainly be welcome, subject to approval. I would probably be the lone sysop (like Matt at MetaFilter). I would make the final calls about deletion. The buck would stop with me in terms of responsibility. But mostly we'd do consensus decision- making.

Additionally, I can think of several other people I would love to see participate who I've met around MeFi and other places. lagado and Chris Alvarado and Higgy come immediately to mind. Maybe Eric (if he were interested). I see it being a pretty C-list kind of thing.

I think one other qualification might be 'at least open to Christian expression'. I have some guys I really like who are basically hostile to Christianity, and I don't really see the point of working on this kind of project together.

I intuit that such a page would be good and interesting. But I can't yet clearly frame how it would separate itself from our current weblogs. We all have one except Jason. There is some de facto 'conversation' between them.

What do (any of) you think? Can you articulate a reason something like this would be good? Anyone interested? Discuss.
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