Tuesday, May 21

Scott posts the 100 best works of fiction (via rebeccablood). Some really good stuff here. Let's see, I've read

Jane Austen, England, (1775-1817), Pride and Prejudice
Albert Camus, France, (1913-1960), The Stranger
Fyodor M Dostoyevsky, Russia, (1821-1881), Crime and Punishment
William Faulkner, United States, (1897-1962), The Sound and the Fury
The Book of Job, Israel. (600-400 BC).
William Shakespeare, England, (1564-1616), Hamlet; King Lear; Othello
Leo Tolstoy, Russia, (1828-1910), Anna Karenina
Mark Twain, United States, (1835-1910), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

and parts of:
Dante Alighieri, Italy, (1265-1321), The Divine Comedy
Geoffrey Chaucer, England, (1340-1400), Canterbury Tales
Jonathan Swift, Ireland, (1667-1745), Gulliver's Travels

That's 10 (just the full ones, including 3 Shakerspeares). How many have you read?

Update: I'm posting a similar question over at MeFi.

(and props to Scott for finally fixing his permalinks. I figured it was something like that.)
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