Friday, May 10

from Jorn: spoiler-filled pan of Episode 2. When combined with my own reading of the books at Barnes and Noble:

Don't dare to hope that the 'Forbidden Love-story' will work. I don't know whose fault it is: Hayden Christenson, George Lucas, Natalie Portman, et al... Question: Do you girls like Christenson? I sure don't. Too trying-to-be-pretty. I've already seen him way too much in too much make-up.

Ewan McGregor will probably help make the film worth seeing.

The plot is too busy (try to count the planets visited) while not doing enough development.

I still don't buy that the so 'hard to see the Dark side is' that Palpatine could hide under their nose, along with all the Sith, etc.

I wish someone could take the Star Wars universe that I love and do some kind of alternate history with a decent plot and decent dialogue and decent Jedi that doesn't venture into lame.
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