Monday, May 6

Eric writes, in response to my post about Congress' support for Israel last week, that part of the reason we don't hear about the suffering of the Palestinian people is Arafat: he walks away from chances at peace and he promotes violence.

In diplomatic terms, I don't disagree. If you're a regular reader here you know I don't support Arafat.

Another thought reflecting on Eric's post: Not too many truths can fit on a bumper sticker. But 'If you want peace, work for justice.' is pretty good. Peace is not the only goal in the Middle East. Peace will be more sustainable the more it's founded on justice. Some folks over there on both sides will not be satisfied no matter what. It will remain a place of violence. Is there any hope of agreeing largely on what would be just and then internally prosecuting those who violate that agreement? I doubt it, but it's about the only hope I see for peace.

My boss says he could see Israel going to an Iron Curtain-type resolution. That's probably a pretty good guess.
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