Wednesday, September 12

I strongly advise you to browse through all of these political cartoons. I found them very stirring.

An impressive number of them feature the Statue of Liberty crying.

Some of these cartoons also use the phrase 'infamy'. This morning I wondered to myself why Bush didn't use it last night.

I thought the first cartoon on this page was the best of the Statue of Liberty cartoons.

I thought the first cartoon on this page was particularly poignant.

The second one on this page must be seen.

We are wounded. Our flag still flies. Our nation still stands. The torch of liberty still burns.

And now is the time to best live up to the ideals that we hold most dear. Justice is okay. We can go after justice. But now is the time to live out freedom, and to think about how we affect the same rights and hopes of people around the world.
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