Friday, September 28

By the way, that FotR trailer I've been talking about is awesome. The Pillars of the Kings look amazing. Sir Ian looks great as Gandalf.

You can see some of the changes they've made from the book. If you're OCD about it, like me, you can read The Complete List of Film Changes MAJOR SPOILERS!

I don't mind some of the changes. The change from Pippin dropping a rock down the well in Moria to inadvertantly knocking a dwarf skeleton in isn't a big deal.

But I don't like the first Arwen add - that she helps Frodo at the Ford of Bruinen. If you're going to put here in Glorfindel's role, leave her behind at the Ford with Aragorn. Oh well.

It's all very heroic - gets my blood boiling, inspires me to be a hero.

But do heroes write weblogs? Or do they do something more valuable with their time? I ask this tongue in cheek, but do you get the real critical query underneath? Most heroes train for action so when the time comes, they can act. I don't train to act. I don't train for much. I have trouble staying motivated for such training, thinking it really matters. 'It won't matter if I sleep in this once.'

Or, maybe more, heroes are out doing heroic things right now. They're putting their lives on the line now.

Sure, you can say I can be a hero by doing my job well in Tulsa, being a responsible citizen, raising my children attentively. But I don't know...
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