Wednesday, September 19

Here's another Islamic explanation of jihad. A quote:

Islam however is a religion that sees it its duty and commitment to form an Islamic state. Islam came to reform society and to form a nation and government. Its mandate is the reform of the whole world.
Such a religion cannot be indifferent. It cannot be without a law of jihad. In the same way, its government cannot be without an army. While the scope of Christianity is extremely limited, that of Islam is extremely wide. While Christianity does not cross the frontiers of advice, Islam is a religion which covers all the activities of human life. It has laws which govern the society, economic laws, and political laws. It came to organize a state, to organize a government. Once this done, how can it remain without an army? How can it be without a law of jihad?

Once again, a significant part of Islam is theocracy. The writers of Al Islam may decry suicide and civilian casualties, but their goal is imposition of Islam. Most Christians would confess to the goal of changing society, but I also think most would say Jesus' method was from the inside out, calling people to a different life. Legislating morality does not change people's natures. Jesus wanted a change on the inside that resulted in changes on the outside. The author of this article belittles such ideas.

Jesus says love your enemies. Muhammad says fight your enemies. While Christianity has often done abominable things (say, from a human rights perspective), those things have been false to the ethic of love. When Muslims do abominable things (same context), there is at least some degree to which it is consonant with its core teachings.
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