Friday, September 7

Here's a beautiful quote from an excerpt from Philip Yancey's latest book (via Jim):

Then I fell in love. Janet and I drew together for all the wrong reasons—mainly we sat around and complained about the oppressive atmosphere of the school—but eventually the most powerful force in the universe, love, won out. I had found someone who pointed out everything right with me, not everything wrong. Hope aroused. I wanted to conquer worlds and lay them at her feet. For her birthday I learned Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique and asked, trembling, if she would be the very first audience to hear me play. It was an offering to new life, and to her who had called it forth.

If you find this moving, too, email or call or tell someone you love 'what's right with them'. That sounds like some dorky email-chain-forward, but I don't do such things enough.
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