Tuesday, August 28

In his ongoing discussion of Bush foreign policy, Nathan gives us an article from the Post about imperialism and how some people think it's a good thing, or at least a necessary evil. I think it's a sickening thing, which will be no surprise to my regular readers.

In addition, I talked about Bush foreign policy with a good friend of mine who's a conservative whom I respect. He had some pretty good concerns about UN involvement (corrupt and wasteful in need of reform) and Kyoto (nobody else wants to sign it either, but we're an easy target) and our national interest compared to 'national building'.

What do I think our position be? We can look out for our own concerns. But we should also be willing to entertain global agenda items posed by other nations, especially blocks of other nations. I don't think we're being good neighbors right now. And we should be able to afford to be a little magnanimous. And obviously less aid should be military, especially to Israel.
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