Tuesday, August 7

Another link from Steven, this time regarding my post from yesterday on Christianity and sexuality.

I think Steven misread me as Ian Jackson pointed out in the comments section (last one as of this writing). I do realize that I'm saying that extramarital sex (including unmarried sex) is sin.

In addition, I reiterate the end of my previous post, modified for a wider audience:

So what would I say to people who are sexually active outside of marriage about this issue, if asked? I’d say God loves you. That’s the main thing to come to terms with. And for our good God has directed us with certain laws/commands. If we don’t agree on those presuppositions, we’re going to have a hard time agreeing on the morality of sex. But I hope we can be friends. And I will strive to love you as I strive to love everyone around me.

And if you didn't pick it up the first time, please go back and reread the article. My first move is to critique conservatives who aren't loving. The main point of this post is not to bash 'sinners', of which I am one.
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