Tuesday, August 28

Dear Scott,

The reason we are more germane to euthanasia for animals than for humans is that animals are not human. I'll elaborate.

First, we need to be very careful of human life, that it is not extinguished prematurely. This is not a choice people should be making.

Second, there is much value in human life, even when there is profound suffering. The animal life is more simple. We value this. It also means an animal which suffers is consumed by its suffering in ways humans are not.

However, there is a difference between extending life and extending death. In humans, while we allow suffering longer, it is not necessarily the case that we always try to prolong life. If a person is terminal with cancer, you don't have to treat the cancer. You can treat the symptoms and try to make them more comfortable until nature takes its course. However, we draw the line at actively ending a life. That's a dangerous prerogative to claim and take up when it comes to people, much more so than animals (no disrespect meant).

What do you think?


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