Monday, July 30

More thoughts on hope and wisdom (more below): Definitions are often a moving target. Context matters a lot. So I was thinking the other night as I was drifting off to sleep, that maybe hope is simply not despairing, allowing that tomorrow might be different, or the next day. I tend to despair, and that's no good. I don't accept denial, though, either. We want to be someplace in the middle. And, maybe, in that regard, wisdom does lead to hope. Wisdom doesn't give into despair. Wisdom realizes things can change or be different and our predictive powers are seriously limited.

So did Scarlet O'Hara have it right when she said at the end of 'Gone with the Wind' 'Tomorrow's another day.' Was she hopeful or just stubborn? Was she hopeful or in denial? I tend toward thinking she wasn't properly hopeful. She'd done a lot of stupid things. It's not real hope if there's not some self-awareness in there.

I'm not doing this systematically. It's more stream-of-consciousness. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

'Tomorrow's another day' can be an expression of hope or it can be something else.
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