Monday, July 16

I started 'Shadow of the Hegemon' last night. It is great. I'm already 179 pages into it.

The plot is really engrossing. Also, it's a book about ideas and values. I think Card handles these really well.

One of the engrossing parts of the plot is that it's about child geniuses - the smartest children in the world. I think we like to see ourselves in these kids, I know I do. I think it's all a little overwrought. I don't think even the smartest children work this way but, hey, it's good reading.

One of the interesting values in Card's novels is family. This isn't surprising, since he's an observant Mormon. Although Card does a good job of fairly representing all of the different ideas and values and the complexities of characters along with them, I guess that this family value in the mouth of Mrs Wiggin is closest to his own. And the first Ender series has a strong place for family beginning with 'Speaker for the Dead'. I think the exploration of this family value and its dynamics is really valuable. And it's interesting to think about how families can be in adventure novels. And you almost can't say enough about commitment to spouse and children. Except then Card does. He takes it that last bit too far, in my opinion. It almost becomes 'We live on through our children and their children (and that's why we have to have a lot).' and I can't go for that.
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