Saturday, July 7

I'm rereading 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and it's delightful so far. So, here's a Harper Lee website. 'To Kill A Mockingbird' is her only published book. An interesting story from the site:

Tom Williamson and I have been writing. He is sixteen. He lives in a small town outside of Adelaide, Australia...

Tom was given the assignment of choosing a character from Mockingbird, analyzing the person, and orally presenting the results. He had chosen Mayella Violet Ewell, and wanted suggestions about how to proceed. We ended up sending notes back and forth, he as Mayella, me as her pen-pal... Today he did his presentation in class. He took flowers in with him, four tins cans of lavender, geraniums, and just some weeds that looked good, not too many in each, and he made them wilt with a little poison. He lined the tin cans up in a row, talked about how he felt as Mayella, and then, as he recounted Mayella's Paw telling her that Tom Robinson was dead, cut the heads of the flowers off, deliberately, slowly, one by one.

Tom's teacher told him she reckoned the class was his and he could do with 'em what he liked.
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