Tuesday, July 17

I think domain names are cool. If I had more money, I'd buy a lot of cool domain names. 'seanmeade.com' would be first. I'd probably buy some with funky 'TLD's at new.net.

So tonight, having seen brilliantine.com somewhere in passing, I thought 'What cool word could I register that hasn't been taken yet?' I tried ubiquitous.com and felt smart right away. It's being used by some guys at Xerox PARC (of course, they're not using it very effectively, but hey, that's their prerogative, in the immortal words of Bobby Brown.) Then I thought 'Okay, pick one nobody has yet, no chance (well, little chance).' So I picked my favorite word from 'The Sound and the Fury': 'polyphiloprogenitive' - tending to produce many offspring. So if I was in the domain-buying business, I might buy that one, too.

'dekatriaphobia.com' is also not taken, not to mention 'paraskevidekatriaphobia.com'. Variants would include '13aphobia.com' and 'fridaythe13thaphobia.com'. Without trying them, I'm guessing they're available, too. (These last thoughts were inspired by the link on presurfer. Confession: friday the 13th came and went and I never thought of the myth one time. Seems strange. A little head-down? I think so.)
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