Wednesday, June 20

Well, Christine and I met John 13 for dinner and a good time was had by us (me and Christine. I will not presume to speak for John. He said he had a good time, but, hey, you've almost got to say that, right?). We went to Cafe28 and it was very yummy. I had the Cuban Pork with carmelied onions and rice and beans. It had that tangy sweet and vinegary marinade I'm coming to associate with Caribbean food.

Anyway, good conversation with John. He might say I dogged him on Libertarianism too early in the conversation, but I was really only trying to be funny.

John brought his camera and some of the pictures of me and Christine weren't goofy. I'll let you know when they pop up.

Sadly, Jennifer was unable to make it.

We dropped him off at his house afterwards, so we got to see the home of 13 Labs. John said some of his neighbors call it 'the hippy house', though I don't see why. Looked nice.

My wife, however, will not let us move to Chicago. I suppose she is right.

More on Chicago later, including our visit to the Art Institute.

Gratuitous link: we're staying and studying at North Park University, associated with our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church..
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